The Government of Brunei Darussalam
Updating the administration structure, so the the mechanism of things would run smoothly and in order; in this manner more contributions would be made for the good of all in the organization.
Improving the working standards and skills of those in office and staff members in order to foster the idea of team spirit among them. Steps needed to be taken to produce skilled workers and this can be done by:
(a) Bringing in experts to train and instruct officers and staff members in their respective fields.
(b) Attachment schemes for officers and staff members in institutions at home and abroad to obtain the knowledge and skills required.
(c) In service training schemes at home and abroad to obtain the necessary qualifications in history or subjects relating to it.
Striving to present and correct distortion of facts in writing down Brunei's history in accordance with the country's aspirations; creating activities to encourage and strengthen Brunei folk in loving their religion, race and land, and pledging their stout allegiance to the ancient kingdom.
Staging history exhibits to spread the message to the people of Brunei concerning their country, customs and culture, and helping them to understand the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept more clearly as said by His Majesty in his speech of 1st January 1984.
Publishing the results of study and research to give a clear picture on the country's history for public information, reference and reading, so the future generations would learn of their ancestor's struggles and thereby learn lessons from the causes they fought for.
Arranging and organizing lectures, seminars, meetings, or forums dealing with the subject of Brunei's history, from time to time, to inspire much research in that area.
Acquiring the artifacts needed, whether it be done locally or out of the country, through means of purchase, exchanging gifts, or law.
Imposing higher working standards and ethics for all History Centre employees to meet the required criteria.
Extending the History Centre and adding more space to make it more convenient for employees to carry out their duties, and the storing of artifacts and relics.